Thank you Nikon!

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Re: Thank you Nikon!

gvidal wrote:

Lord Mox wrote:


Nikon extending this guarantee for the life the camera, free of charge.

Not really. What they say is "AT THIS TIME, we are announcing that we will continue to provide this service free of charge, even after the product warranty has expired."

But this doesn't mean they will do it forever. Perhaps in a few months Nikon assumes all 'wrong' cameras have been serviced and stops doing it.

As just an observer not owning either the D600 or D610, the most troublesome aspect of the whole affair to me was how long it took Nikon to address the issue. As Thom has pointed out many times over the years, the Japanese business culture can be stodgy, very set in its ways, and snail-like in its response to its customers.

In the beginning how many people called Nikon at Melville and L.A. regarding the D600's dust and were told - "Yours is the first call we've had about it, it's news to us." And kept repeating this BS 6 to 8 to 10 months in. And how many users sent their bodies in (several times) only to have them returned with the same problem? And how many people had to be without their cameras for weeks at a time for the servicing?

So they finally made the correct call but look at the black-eye they gave themselves, not even mentioning the left focus-point issue. Someone else brought up the Toyota fix for the acceleration fiasco, but didn't it come out that they knew about the problem (at least in Europe) and did nothing to correct it until accidents started piling up? I believe this qualifies as - don't say a word and pray that no one will notice and our sales will be unaffected. And that's an honorable way of doing business? With people's lives at stake?

As a loyal Nikon user it is disappointing to see how long it took the head-honchos to address this problem. We can only hope they learned something from this episode going forward, but time will tell.


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