f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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Re: SNAP! Where it is?

crames wrote:

dwalby wrote: When you bin, the processing advantage only applies if the noise samples are uncorrelated, which they are at native resolution. If you upsample the smaller image to the larger image pixel count, your noise samples after upsampling are no longer uncorrelated. Therefore if you later bin both images, one will enjoy the sqrt(N) SNR improvement, and the other will not, because the larger one has uncorrelated noise samples and the (upsampled) smaller one does not.

Another way to look at it is in the frequency domain .

I wonder if that's not a misleading graph in this context, as I think it applies just to read noise: it shows the amplitude of the signal decreasing with increasing frequency, but the noise being constant with it. I understand this discussion to be mainly about rms shot noise, which I think would also decrease with a decreasing signal.

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