Sony A7 with Canon 16-35mm f2.8 or 17-40mm F4

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Re: Sony A7 with Canon 16-35mm f2.8 or 17-40mm F4

RER220 wrote:

I recently purchased the new zeiss 24-70 f4 oss FE for my a7. I took it for my trip to AZ to take photos of the canyons. I had mixed feelings about it since a lot of people said it had soft corners, but sharp center. All of that was true. Horrible for landscape, but very usable for everything else. I already own the metabones adapter, so I'm thinking about going back to L glass for landscape. I can't find much reviews on the 16-35 or 17-40 combo on the a7 system. I use to own the 17-40, it was sharp and light, but might consider the 2.8 cause i might want to get into star photography.

I am aware that certain wide angle combos dont work well with the A7, just wondering if you guys can share your thoughts or samples.

If you want to check out my travel blog - i shoot exclusively with the A7 system now and currently own all 3 zeiss lenses excluded the kit of course



Can not help you with the choice but want to add another option to maybe consider....

Tamron 17-35 2.8-4 in Canon mount may be is a full frame lens that is also designed for digital.

A few years ago was often considered alongside the 17-40.

I only have it in Pentax k mount so no seems ok from limited better as an AF lens and I have some nice MF primes so not wont be used much.....might be a good alternative in Canon AF mount.

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