Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: I guess you know your point?

joeybob wrote:

joeybob wrote:

I need a hammer that doubles as a prybar with a built in screwdriver that also has an adjustable wrench attachment that includes a pair of needle nose pliers with a micrometer and a leather punch. This tool should also have a laser level a flashlight and a compass for times when I'm on safari in the jungle. While I'm at it there should be an appendage that pops out with a four way so I can take the lug nuts off of my Land cruiser, oh and a hydraulic winch power take off unit in the event that I need to swap engines in the Land cruiser. And the damn thing better have GPS and a Wi Fi connection...

What? What do you mean it doesn't include a voltmeter?! Why doesn't Snap On make this tool? Oh the horror! How could they be so out of touch?

Yep... Like a fleet of Peterbuilt trucks!

What's a Peterbilt??

No idea?

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