An intelligent discussion on the gun situation.

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Re: An intelligent discussion on the gun situation.

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Mental health needs to be addressed and even with taxpayer money, if necessary. This is a common element amongst the most recent mass shootings in the U.S.

No, it is THE Common Element in mass shootings, stabbings, vehicular assaults, bombings.

Attacking peaceful strangers of your own community is the definition of madness.

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No, it's not, unless you take the tautological position that anyone who shoots another person is inherently mentally ill. That sounds rhetorically satisfying, but it's not clinically relevant. Far more often, it's a matter of domestic violence, emotional confrontations, and other kinds of bad judgment scenarios that spiral quickly out of control. Clinical mental illness is something we should deal with better, but it's not a legitimate factor in most shootings.

Firearm liability insurance -- now that's a goddam good idea. I can't imagine a reasonable counter-argument, other than the reflexive "NO!" we'd hear from the gun lobby (aka the NRA).

What is wrong with your comprehension skills?

Acts of mass violence against innocent strangers in your own community is all madness.

how many of the recent mass shooters were ever treated for the chronic mental disease? Not a lot that means that it is often impossible to know when the person gets the gun and starts shooting. Not every mental patient will do that either so it isn't logical to assume that they all will do the same.

Individual killings may have their own warped rationalizations, or even very good reasons.

But going into a killing rage against society at large is only madness.

not necessarily. It could be an act of protest or defiance or looking for "stardom"

Going at those objectives by killing your neighbors is madness.

And guns make it easy and quick.

Madness + guns = Easy killing.

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