Stuck between mount adapters

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Stuck between mount adapters

over the last 2 years ive gathered lots of legacy lenses
many minolta SR (MD MC)
2 nikon AI telelenses
i have a mirrorless camera so i virtualy can mount any legacy lens. Though for the sake of swapping lenses on different camera's  (i have a old minolta my sister has a nikon) i want to have as few mounts as posible.
now here is my problem. i have bought a sigma 300mm f4 apo for cheap. but it has sony af mount. i dont like that.  the thing is even if i could make a different mount for it what would it be?
furthermore i am thinking to buy as speedbooster for my lenses, but i dont want to buy one for every mount. that would be too expensive ( id buy the metabones a speedbooster in a heartbeat if all the adapters rings were included too bad they dont)
still available today, quite popular too. has he longest flange distance, renders my minolta lenses useless. i might even buy samyang glass, which is excellent for a speedbooster.
my main mount, shorter flange distance, so can could theoretically mount nikon lenses.too bad there are only nikon f to eos adapters i wish somebody made a thin adapter so no extra optics required.
i dont want to convert my minolta's to eos. i dont like Canon, and altering minolta's is heartless

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