Has anyone been disappointed with the new 80-400?

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Re: Has anyone been disappointed with the new 80-400?

NikonManSoCal wrote:

My initial reaction to this lens on release was negative (based solely on what I consider insane MSRP pricing for a relatively slow variable aperture lens) - I am now considering picking one up during the rebate period (even with the rebate the lens is the same cost as the 70-200 VRII). Most reviews here and on professional photo sites (e.g. non KR) are mainly positive. I don't have a huge need for an extreme tele-zoom, but am thinking it would be convenient to have for occasions where the range would be beneficial (similar to how I use the 24-120). Anyways I'm curious if anyone pulled the trigger and was subsequently disappointed for whatever reason.

Yes, I was disappointed and sent my back - did not purchase another.

Major Reason: just could not get the dang thing to focus accurately at 400mm, which was the focal length I used the most.  Even with: tripod, MLU, cable release... the whole bit.  And I don't subscribe to the "bad copy" theory - sorry, not for a $2600 lens.

I shot with a Canon 1-series and 100-400mm for years - never had anything like the problem I had with the Nikon 80-400mm.

My other Nikon lenses (24-70 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/4) are really good - no problems, no regrets, no disappointments.

So, at this point I'm considering the 300 f/4 with a 1.4TC, but haven't been able to pull the trigger as I "know" the new 300 f/4 VR will come out immediately after I purchase.

And, when I need long now, I'm suffering with my 2.0TC on the 70-200mm or using my Fuji system @ 300mm.

I know, I know... thousands of you are having success with the 80-400mm.  I don't need to hear about it - I already know.  The OP asked if anyone was disappointed, and I'm just answering his question.


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