OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

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Re: My ISO thoughts

I haven't read all the replies, because I found a lot of them less than courteous. Dpreview is like a minefield sometimes

Here's what I think: the lowlight race is over-rated. I started shooting in the days of film. Even at the end of that era, when the technology had been pushed to its limits - shooting anything over 400 asa (iso) was out of the question if you wanted clean images. This was also in the time before stabilization existed. You can take 90% of your shots - except for low-light miracles, or freezing action - at 400 iso and lower. Add to that today's stabilization and you can probably get 99% of your shots under 400.

When we shot sport in those days, we used faster film and the grain was ok because the idea was to capture a action moment, not create art.

You'll have to figure out what your priorities are. Personally, I like the added dof of m43 since I like to shoot macro and landscapes. If I ever do a portrait and want extremely shallow dof, I photoshop it.

Weight is important to me, and since 400 iso is about equal between any system today, m43 gets my vote because size/weight of a multi-lens system is still in m43 favor.

There is one issue though: m43 requires wider lenses for comparable mm. Supposing you often shoot at what would be normal 50mm on fullframe, the XTI requires a 35mm and a m43 needs a 25mm.

A 25mm is a 25mm no mater what system it is attached to, And... a 25mm is a wide-angle and comes with all the optical complications that all wideangles due to curved glass and the required compensations to offer up a decent image (more glass + software). So there are + and -

m43 still gets my vote (until the day Fuji starts releasing small f2 primes)

That's the boat I'm in. I sol my d7000 and do travel and street photography. I sold it to go smaller and lighter. M4/3 lenses are smaller than the x-t1 apc lenses so that's a plus. And for quick street shots the omd I read is faster than the x-t1. Except for fuji's viewfinder, I think the em-1 will give me everything I need EXCEPT for the lower noise and better DR and maybe general IQ.
That's what's driving me crazy.
Most of my stuff is printed no more than 8x12 or 9x16.
Do maybe at that size , the m4/3 would be fine. (Except my stock photography which would be impacted by the noisy m4/3 sensor issue. Thankfully I'm almost retired from stock

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