Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

Adrian Van wrote:

ScottRH wrote:

Fact remains.

It is clear customers want a D700 replacement, and the D610, D800/E, and D4s are not it.

Call it whatever it will be, a true upgrade such as D710/D750 with:

- 16 or 24 MP (smaller files for Raw than 36MP)

not as much smaller than you think. Also memory cards are increasing in size and becoming cheaper.  I wouldn't be surprised if the cost per image stored of a d800 now is less than the same for a d700 at introduction.

- Pro rugged body, with dedicated buttons like D800/D700, not the buttons on D610

- Top AF system like D800

- HD Video like what is in the D800 (starting to get into that for Pro HD clients)

-on sensor AF for video like some the new Canon Cameras (70D), for less hunting for AF in liveview video, I have seen the demos online for D800 when using auto AF in video, can hunt sometimes

- must have a CF card slot (backup second slot of SD is okay) for Sandisk Extreme Pro cards for very fast video capture at Full HD and minimum speed drops, more reliable for video than SD anyday.

This would be an ideal D710 or D750 and I would gladly pay the same price as a D800, (but not the price of a D4)

as quite simply the high 36MP I do not need and do not want 36MP (24MP is enough), for full event coverage taking 1000 photos a day like a 10 to 12 hour wedding. Raws at 36MP are huge if you have a lot of them.

Even Scott Kelby who switched to Canon FF recently, and I believe he mentioned in one of his articles or videos, the Nikon D800 fills up memory cards fast, especially raw doing event coverage, in his case probably sports coverage.

ummm i would not consider him an unbiased source. Might as well ask cannons marketing department direct for comment. His opinion will of course change when cannon release a high MP camera.

So for now, my D700 is still working great and capturing great wedding photos, which enlarge well in Photoshop etc. and hold plently of detail. And certainly does the job for photos (not for video).

great! If it dose the job why do you want to replace it? If you must how about a lightly used D3s or D4?

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