D4 Series and the XQD memory card format

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Re: D4 Series and XQD Lexar

First of all, I am in the same boat as you with the bodies but I think Nikon expects their pros to move up to the same generation bodies e.g. duo D4 bodies or a D4 & D4s bodies – which would share the same battery and memory cards.

As for the D800, I believe they want you to use the battery grip which would standardize the battery situation – this also explains the situation with the duo CF/XQD slot. The CF slot being the common standard across all 3 bodies you mentioned.

So it’s not impossible to cut down on the chargers and memory cards.

owenleve wrote:

I appreciate all the feedback on the XQD format. I have just purchased a D4 after having a D4s to write a review for.

Again, I am hit with the issues of the new battery and the uncommon XQD format. For instance. I am traveling to Colorado then Alaska for two different shoots. I am working with a D4, D3s and D800. This means three different battery chargers. Space and weight are at a premium. While some may say no big deal, it is a total pain to pack yet another charging station. Not to mention something to forget.

Furthermore. In the field I will be working with the D3s and D4. This means I need to carry a spare battery for both cameras. Again, may not sound like a big deal to some but I will be skiing with 40+ pounds of gear and every ounce counts. One extra battery is taking up more space and adding weight.

On the XQD front. You can walk into just about any drugstore in America and buy a CF/SD card reader. I went to order another XQD reader. Amazon, ships 2-5 weeks.... I was able to order one from B&H. Point being. Traveling to a remote area like Alaska where everything is limited only adds to compatibility issues. Epic fail in my opinion. This now means I have to have my CF reader AND the XQD reader. It's a traveling photographers nightmare!

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