Sony or Nikon or Canon?

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Sony or Nikon or Canon?

Been looking at getting my first DSLR to upgrade from my Canon Power Shot A590 IS as well as my Kodak Easy Share C182...I know very old point and shoot camera compared to what's out these day and ages.

My budget is no more than $600 (hopefully with tax, but I can add tax to that price if needed).

The 5 models I was looking at were:

Canon T3i with 1 kit lens and bag on sale so in my budget

Sony Alpha A65 with 1 kit lens no bag at top of my budget

Sony Alpha A58 can get with 18-55 SAM II lens for $380 (way below budget) refubished

Nikon D3200 with 2 kit lenses (18-55 and 55-200) with bag on sale in mid of budget

Nikon D5200 with 1 lens, 8GB SDHC Card, and bag at top of budget refurbished

Looking for the best entry level of these that does:

Decent low light with kit lens until I can afford more lenses (I know better lenses will help, but want to learn on the kit lens for a while before I buy more. I want to get into night time portraits and night time building/landscape photos)

I also want to take pic of cosplayers (people in costumes) at local parks and conventions with this camera.)

Decent video mode incase I don't have my camcorder with me and just the camera and want to do video (preferably to look like film instead of video if possible) and an option to add an external mic if the internal one isn't good enough to me

Good overall battery life than can "reportedly" take 500+ shots per charge

Availability of built in GPS and/or Wireless or the option to add the function at a later date (GPS more important than wireless, but I'd love both if possible)

Due to a family heredity problem, my right hand (one to be most used for shooting on the camera) shakes some times by something with Image Stability whether via lens or built in would be a plus

I'll admit I tried the Nikons in my hand at a local store but it has one of those sensors things attaches to the mount of it and the Nikon (which would go great for the person I'm cosplaying as since he uses one in the game he's from) felt crampy in my hands (not sure if it was size of camera vs hand size or because of the store sensor on the mount). Wish I could try it would out mount on to see how it feels.

The Canon and Sony felt comfortable in my hand even with security mount on it.

I tried both EVF and regular view finders. I like both am a little concerned if the EVF goes out permanently would that effect the LCD viewing and would my camera be toast if not repaired? Also what happens with a regular view finder is the lcd goes out, could you still take photos with it but have to connect to computer to see the pics you took?


Canon EOS 600D (EOS Rebel T3i / EOS Kiss X5) Canon PowerShot A590 IS Nikon D3200 Nikon D5200
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