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Re: Olympus XZ-2 problem

sait wrote:

I've purchased some time ago a new XZ-2. At random times it was taking 2 shots in single shot mode. After using it for close to a year I had enough, so I sent it for repair under guarantee. After 2 tries, including "changing the top control assembly", the fault was still there, so they supplied me with a new, replacement XZ-2 free of charge.

Unfortunately the new camera has the same problem. In fact, in one instance it took 3 shots for one shutter actuation.

I have tried all sorts of combinations regarding camera modes, plus different batteries, different memory cards, etc. I can't find any specific situation/mutation. The camera takes two successive shots when it feel like it. Although this is not life threatening, it becomes rather irritating after a while.

I thought, it was a bit strange that 2 cameras that I've got should have this problem, when I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else on the net.

So if you had this problem with your Oly XZ-2 or any other digital camera, and/or found a remedy, I would like to hear from you.

I would appreciate if only people who have experienced the problem themselves or know of someone who has, reply.


My XZ-2 behaves the same way. I don't see it as a fault. Just a minor irritation. Initially I thought I was holding the shutter down too long and it was a feature of the camera to take several photos when doing a long press. But now when I am trying to take multiple photos by long presses I only get one photo. Since I have not changed any settings regarding multiple photos. The camera is set to single shot.

I have the camera in my hands now set to single shot. And I am only getting a single shot. But at random times in the field I get multiple shots from one shutter press. I think it is an intermittent fault. I am puzzled. If you cannot reproduce the fault when needed you cannot prove it exists!

My suggestion is and this is what I intend to do.  Is that immediately after it happens check the setting for shooting mode to see if it has changed to sequential or high-speed on it's own.  I once had a Fuji that reset it's flash mode to ON from AUTO and OFF automatically without my intervention!

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