Sigma 18-35 w/ speed booster=Voitglander 17.5 & 25mm combined plus more...

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Re: Sigma 18-35 w/ speed booster=Voitglander 17.5 & 25mm combined plus more...

knickerhawk wrote:

So am I correct to assume that you've gone ahead and purchased the Sigma+Speedbooster and you're using it with an EM5? If so, I have a couple of additional questions for you:

  • Any vignetting especially in the corners at low f-number and focal length settings? (I get some on my Tokina 11-16mm (also a DX lens) at 11mm and wide open.)
  • How's the CA? (It can be pretty strong in the corners when using a Speedbooster.)
  • How good is the focus ring on the lens? Are you able to easily control it?
  • It's a very heavy lens, even quite a bit heavier than the Tokina referenced above. I always use the HLD-6 grip and that helps, but I do worry that hand holding will be a challenge with this combo.
  • How is the contrast with and without the Speedbooster?
  • Do you by any chance have the PanLeica 25mm and have you done any comparisons with the 18-35mm+SB?

Thanks! I'm still considering this option since it nicely covers the focal range in which I primarily shoot and I've had some good results with my SB and Nikkors.

knickerhawk and Fygaren, samples/test will come soon.  Believe me, I want to go out shoot this lens with a background and real world use, not just some preliminary pictures from inside the house of random things.

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