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Re: need help on choosing camera

Although I am a Fuji fanboy I would recommend to most people that Micro Four Thirds is the way to go.

The Fuji lens selection is excellent and growing but there are still more lenses for M43 which are both cheaper and smaller.

In terms of bodies the Fuji X-T1 is the first X-Series to really be (approximately) as responsive as, say, the E-M5.

The E-M5 is also weather sealed, and comes with a weather sealed kit lens.

In the UK at the moment you get a free 45mm lens and battery grip.

Then why do I prefer Fuji?

Dials, aperture rings & the better low light performance provided by the combination of fast lenses (ie F/1.4) and the larger APS-C sized sensor.

(It reminds me of the cameras I used to used 30 years ago)

Lots of my photos will be of family, inside, in poor lighting, therefore these factors are very important to me.

If you live in a sunny country and have good lighting they will matter less to you.

For most people even the 1" sensor of the Sony RX100 or RX10 will give perfectly acceptable results. If I wasn't a gearhead and a perfectionist I would buy the upcoming Canon G1 X Mark II - you should check it out.

Also, I have a camera fetish which blinds me to the foolishness of spending £1000 on a device which will be superceded within 12 months.

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