How to spot a political idiot.

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57even wrote:

peevee1 wrote:

bikinchris wrote:

Everything is the fault of the right = left wing idiot

Everything is the fault of the left = right wing idiot

I think both sides are stupid.
They occasionally come up with a less stupid idea, but only occasionally.
Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia. --H.G. Wells

I don't know about Britain, but here in the US both Rep and Dep politicians are not stupid - they are evil.

There are some that are evil (in the sense that their ambition overrides any morality they may have) but also many who act on convictions (which you may not share) or simply enjoy the horse trading. Politicos are a complex lot, but I have worked with a few and on the whole most work themselves pretty hard to represent their constituents. But there are those who are clearly ambitious and those are the ones you need to watch your back with.

I don't care what they say, I care what they do - and it is evil.

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