Nikon's D700 a balanced camera for image quality, value, pro handling and MP.

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Re: A couple of hundred people complaining about the lack of upgrade on DPR

sandy b wrote:

Does not make a market. I am sure Nikon did market research befor they went down the D600-D800 route. For whatever reason, this is what they chose. The D600/D610 will certainly outsell the D700, as might the D800. The D800 update, if the rumors are true, may well bring most of the D700 users back in.

Well at least someone understands product placement.

I expect that Nikon's research told them that they would not sell enough D700 "upgrades" if it was just a small incremental change such as a minor increase in MP and DR.  The D700 is still a fantastic camera and I don't think replacing the sensor with a 16 or 24 MP variant would produce enough sales because the product is not different enough...

I think you'll see true upgrades occurring every second iteration in a line.  The D4 is not a huge upgrade over a D3S; if I had a D3S I would not upgrade.  For the type of stuff the D700 is good at, it still does very well... if you need more MP then the D800 is a fantastic product.  If you need cheaper/smaller then the D600 is great.

Where would a D700 replacement fall in the product line?  It would have to be priced about the same as a D800 and I don't think it would sell as well... for the same reasons that we don't have a D400, because there just isn't enough demand for that type of product.

I bought a D600 used for $1200 with ~2000 shutter count and it does very well for most of what I need.   If I needed something faster, I would probably grab a used D700 (~$1200) or D3S (~$3500) but I will probably buy a D800 later because that suit's me much better.  I would rather have two or 3 cameras that suit different purposes than have an all in one solution that some people seem to be looking for.  My D7000 is just about out of life and the D800 sounds like it will be a fantastic camera that I'll likely purchase some day.

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