A6000 test cool extra - Clear Zoom Image E 55-210 vs D5300 55-300 VR exelent :-)

Started Mar 26, 2014 | Discussions thread
forpetessake Veteran Member • Posts: 4,892

That's exactly what happens every time anybody tries to compare a simple bicubic interpolation and the clearzoom. There are no material differences. So far I haven't seen a single example of clear zoom being anything better than the most basic interpolation.

But that's not all. The idea that somehow upscaling the crop image is beneficial is bogus. Most people will need to downscale the image to the resolution of their monitor/TV, and that upscale/downscale roundtrip can only be detrimental to the image. But even if this is a rare case when they decided to print it (I wouldn't, I would use only high quality image for print, and CZ ain't it), the print driver will upscale or downscale the image as necessary, so the additional upscaling by CZ can only be detrimental.

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