Sigma 18-35 w/ speed booster=Voitglander 17.5 & 25mm combined plus more...

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Re: Sigma 18-35 w/ speed booster=Voitglander 17.5 & 25mm combined plus more...

PrebenR wrote:

The 17.5mm is great. I have it on my GH3. Seriously considering the 18-35mm witha Nikon G - mFT adapter (not Nikon F) and later get a metabones speed booster.

From what I have seen the Sigma 18-35 works excellently on m43 cameras even with speedboster. Why should it not? It is designed for APS-C and not the smaller MFT sensor.

And what you've seen is correct. I can tell you all the reviews of the lens being sharp at f1.8 are true. This sharpness and contrast is definitely evident with the Metabones installed as well. Seriously, imagine all those prime lenses, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, 17.5mm, 20mm and 25mm all at f1.3 and sharp wide open, this makes it possible.  Of course it's bigger, the primes are still amazing in their own way with the size, but you can do this if you want an all in one and don't mind the bigger size for whatever you're using it for.  Even using it without the speed booster great.

You know the FF "workhorse" 24-70 f2.8?  This Sigma lens was designed for APS-C with a similar equivalent field of view of about 27-52 f2.7.  On the m43 with the Metabones it is about 25-50 f2.5.  Not quite able to zoom in as far as 70 with the speed booster, that'd be nice, but you can zoom to 70mm equiv. with the standard adapter.  So in a way it has a range like a '24-70' in a speedbooster and w/o a speedbooster kinda way...  Either way with the speedbooster you have that shallow depth of field, actually less than the f2.8 and you're about 2.5 stops faster, 2.5x faster shutter speed or 2.5x lower ISO, you pick.

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