What to buy. Prime or zoom. So much to decide

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Re: What to buy. Prime or zoom. So much to decide

best quality for the lowest price would be a used 300 f4, can find them in the $900 range, lens foot sucks on them so usually has to be replaced, but can often find them with a replacement one already included. If you wanted to go up in quality I'd go 80-400 but the newer version. I have two shooting buddies who have versions of each, no comparison between the two other than that they both say 80-400. The tamron looks really interesting, especially if your main interest isn't BIF and also want to stick to larger animals. If I were to start out now, without having any lens to try and limited funds, I'd probably go with the Tamron...see how I like it, if it didn't suit my needs, sell it, while saving some money during that time for another lens.

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