What to buy. Prime or zoom. So much to decide

Started Mar 27, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: What to buy. Prime or zoom. So much to decide

Chuck Behrmann wrote:

Thanks all for your suggestions and comments.

Looking, I see the 80-400 non AF-S lens for about $1350 and the newer AF-S one for $2300 (which includes the $400 rebate). Big difference. So would the non AF-S lens work good with my D7100 since the d7100 will drive the lens?

How would one be able to figure this out?

You can only rely on others opinions, if you want to take advantage of the rebate (expires soon).

Everybody seems to say the 80-400 lenses are not in the same league. Is the new one twice better? Perhaps. Depending on what you want it for.

If you are considering the old 80-400, then I must revise my (earlier) recommendation: forget the old 80-400 and get 300/4 + tc14. The old 80-400 is not even close to 300/4.

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