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You have to ask your self if you really want to work for this guy, all things considered.

If you don't mind a possibly high-hassle client, then the next thing to do is to fine tune your negotiations. For example, whatever you tell future guys of this kind it's probably best that he loses the minimum of face.

"Well, I don't know how they do it [the $100 competition] but hiring a plane is going to cost a lot etc etc. Maybe they've got their own plane." Or "WEll, I am really good and worth the money". The guy needs something to save face with, and those would do it.

If it's a straightforward "I won't do it for less than X" with no conciliatory words of any kind, then the guy is going to be more reluctant to come back to you, with some embarrassment, than he would otherwise have been.

Nevertheless, just like any other business dealings, you need to be tough eventually. If he's signing up to you then don't be giving away 'conciliatory' freebies or free time. Like a small child, he'll be trying to get as much as he can and pushing your boundaries if he senses they are flexible. He may even chuck in some emotional blackmail.

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