Is this the expected corner performance of Olympus M.Zuiko ED 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II ?

Started Mar 27, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: New results

glad to see that your are trusting the lens now. Don't want to stir you up but if you want to test the weak corner you could turn the camera 180° if you can mange this. But I would not know how to do it precisely enough without lens collar....

Wait, how would that work? You rotate the camera in order to check what exactly? To verify that the soft corner rotates as well? How could it not? And yeah, doing it precisely would be a hassle... I believe I can mount my camera upside-down on my tripod, but I would need to adjust the leg length, so it would be a whole new experiment.

(for MTF measurements, the chart has to be grey, because otherwise you would clip sharpening artifacts).

I was wondering if it was deliberate. Interesting to know, thanks.

Have fun with you lens, I really enjoyed the 300mm range, but because of the bad light in winter , I have switched to 50-200mm currently ...

Yeah, 75-300 is very much a specialty lens that I normally only use a couple of times a year, and since I had an old  70-300 back from my 4/3 DSLR days, I was reluctant to pay the premium price for the m43 version. Now that I have both, I can see what a pig of a lens the 4/3 version is.  It's larger and heavier and, most importantly, slow and noisy to focus (I missed some great shots because of that in the past, like dolphins in Costa Rica). And while it is nominally a wider-aperture lens, in practice it does need to be stopped down considerably for optimum sharpness.

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