Nikon D700 - 50mm AFS f/1.8G accuracy not as good as my 35mm AFD f/2

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Re: Nikon D700 - 50mm AFS f/1.8G accuracy not as good as my 35mm AFD f/2

I have always found that AF-D lenses were snappier but less precise. My experience with AF-S lenses are reverse; slower but more accurate. The 50 1.4G is quite slow but more precise. It's performance wide open is another topic for another time. The 50 1.8G improved on this and is a slightly faster focuser. If you live near a store, it might be an idea to compare your 50 to one on display. I haven't heard of any 50 1.8G lemons but I don't doubt that they may exist. In my experience , all things being equal, the 50 1.8G should trump the 35 f/2D optically. At f/2 it lacks contrast and sharpness and improves greatly at 2.8. So 50 at f/2 should easily beat the 35 at f/2. Good luck finding your answers.
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