Corporations are People - Some of the time

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my sister and her husband are a corporation they have 3 employees (I am one of them)

are you saying we are not people and shouldn't be allowed to have personal beliefs?

my Dr. is also incorporated - - is he not a person?

You completely miss the point. A corporation is bound by corporate legislation. They are not at liberty to disregard those laws because of the personal opinions of directors or shareholders.

Religion is not sufficient grounds for corporate prejudice. You are not allowed to discriminate, period.

how is not wanting to provide a benefit discriminating?

If you don't like it, don't incorporate.

are you saying the mandate that contraception only applies to corporations?

No, you miss the point.

I am fairly sure that all health insurance provided under the ACA must include it, if I am wrong and it is only corporations please show me

but they want to provide insurance and always have, but now the government is telling them they either must stop providing it or add contreception


remember there is no law at this point that they provide anything they could very easily just drop insurance all together and use the money they save to pay any penalty, but they dont want to have to do this because they like their employees

Which is why it required legislation. Why is it any of their business what the policy includes? What if they objected to the use of antibiotics? Or pre-natal screening? Would THAT be OK? Since when did employers get the right to choose what is and is not covered for their employees insurance?

actually up until now they always had that right - the ACA took it away and unfortunately because of that many are just dropping the insurance and letting their employees get their own

Well, that just proves what a bunch of mean interfering ninnies they are.

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