Who says a phone can't be as good as a camera .. !!

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Re: Who says a phone can't be as good as a camera .. !!

ericN2 wrote:

edu T wrote:

Personally, I wouldn't bother to downsize+sharpen. Click "original" for the 1200px outcome; see the odd sharpening halo against the dark backdrop, down from her forehead thru the nose to the lips...?

I wish people would do what is really required when answering a post...READ all the responses and learn what may be more relevant...before such type of critical comment !!
In an earlier added post of mine here I did make it clear that the photo in question is NOT any kind of example of photographic art or perfection..it was ONLY shot with the iPhone5 simply because that was the ONLY type of instrument available at that time.. and it was solely intended as a record of the hair-style that had been used on this very special Marriage occasion.
In that respect I do believe it was a quite good effort at showing exactly what was intended.. if more was required..I have no doubt that something like a rather expensive $3000 or so dSLR might well have been better.. but it's hardly the case that such would be to hand on THAT occasion don't you think !!!

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Please don't get me wrong, perhaps we agree more than it appears?
What occurred to me then is that I'd also (as you) probably find the original from the phone nice and satisfying enough, so I didn't see any further need to downsize/sharpen it (which, in this case, I saw as not beneficial to the image)...

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