Fuji ISO Cheat?

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Re: Fuji ISO Cheat?

MikeNannie wrote:

Thanks to all for the informative discussion. High ISO performance is one consideration for me. I'm torn between buying the X-T1, the Sony a99 on sale, the rumored new Sony a77ii if it ever arrives, and maybe the Nikon 610. I'd put any camera without an EVF in a far less likely category becuase that is something I'm interested in for my next camera. Staying with Sony APSc will be less expensive, going to the a99 adds weight and the cost of more expensive full frame lenses. And, I've been less than impressed with Sony's service and lack of firmware updates.

It's going to be a tough decision but one that I want to make in the nex 60 days.

I recommend you focus your attention on glass selection and how big/heavy your overall kit is going to be.  Bodies/sensors are getting upgraded every two to three years.

When considering size/weight, also consider the size and type of camera bag you are going to haul everything in.  I personally still young enough to carry my heavy DSLR setup for multiple days over multiple hours, however, that kit completely takes over my carry-on when I fly, meaning I can't travel light; that sucks when traveling with family or traveling on commuter train.  The big reason I am jumping to Fuji-X this year is because I want to go on a few vacations where my camera and laptop gear must fit in one bag under the seat in front of me (usually my gear overflows into my rollerboard).

I'm mainly a landscape shooter, but also do all types of family shots, indoors and out, as well as almost every other type of photography on occasion.

Same here.  That's why I love Fuji glass.  But, there's plenty of other glass on other systems to consider to.  For example, if you like tilt-shift lens or a larger selection of available weather resistant lens.

Here is a list I made in my process of considering the X-t1. These are not in any particular order.

X-T1 Pros

High ISO noise

Given most APS-C sensors have similar high ISO noise performance, I've been pretty happy with what I can do with the X-Trans II sensors.

Colors and image quality

Especially out of camera JPEGs.  Easy to tweak them a bit in LR.

Great lenses

Fuji lens are not cheap, but, they are extremely good quality.

Small form factor, lighter weight

Yup.  If you personally don't rank smaller form factor and lighter weight high on your list, I recommend you look elsewhere.

Weather sealed - resistant

Frequent firmware updates from Fuji

Fujifilm is willing to upgrade obsolete bodies to get the most out of their hardware, including upgrading feature set.

Large EVF with nice focus assistance

Very nice for focusing via EVF.  Keep in mind others think the Sony's manual focus zebra implementation is better to use (i.e., try it yourself).  Personally I prefer the X-T1's EVF over the A99's EVF.  I think I like the zeba implementation on the A7r, but, didn't get enough time with it to really form my own opinion.


Lacks Lightroom support - expected soon, but not 100% confirmation

It is pretty much 100% confirmed considering how well the ACR beta is working out.  Question is how many months before the LR beta comes out.

Flash system is basic

Yes.  TTL flash is very basic, especially lack of wireless TTL and multiple flash support.  Also needs much better dedicated flash options.  I recently bought the EF-42 flash for bounce flash/TTL use.  I wish I could tweak flash exposure compensation faster on the X-T1/EF-42.

No long telephoto lens until next year

Which is pretty quick to roll out considering Fuji-X mount has only around for about three years.  OTOH, the other systems have been out long enough, you can more easily pick up stuff on sale or used.

Retro design could be a con instead of a pro - button placement

Love it or leave it.  OTOH, if you are a landscape photographer, shouldn't matter much.

Bracket exposure limited to 3 images

The number of bracket shots and limit to +/- 1 EV are limitations.  Granted the current X-Trans sensors seem to have a true ISO range of 200-1600.  So that might explain part of the limitation.

Only 16 mb same as current camera

Eventually Fuji will put out a higher MP sensor, but, if that's a concern now, look elsewhere like Sony A6000 or DSLR.  Personally if I can avoid cropping a lot, 16 MP is fine for me.

Not supported by 3rd party lens manufacturers

Rokinon/Samyang makes full manual lens for Fuji-X mount.  Only Zeiss makes a few lens that is electrically compatible.  The problem is for best results (i.e., AF and aperture control), you would want the lens supported in the Fuji firmware, so don't expect a lot of less expensive 3rd party options.

No RRS plate for this particular camera

Available for pre-order on RRS site.

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