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Re: More widespread or less?

ImageAmateur wrote:

35mmBlueSky wrote:

It's great to get users feed back here on the Penta K3, but I tried to search for the user feed back on B&H and Amazon for the model, both seem to score a perfect 5 on 99% of the reviews, this leads to think whether this mirror-flapping issue is over-amplified or the sample size of the ones with the actual problem is too small to consider a concern for potential buyers to worry about. I think with sample-variance, we do come up with lemons across different brands, if the issue is as severe as Nikon D600's well known oil issue on the sensor, then it may be a different story. I mean 50 reported issues out of hundreds of thousand sales may give a hint it may be a problem for small amount of users, but compare to what is going on with the D600s, it's really nothing to write home about. To remain objective on the issue, we simply need a larger sample size to judge.

Fair point.

But the OP I believe uses the camera for fast repetitive shooting?

Could that indicate a heat or processor lockup issue?

That might indicate why there have not been more reports, even sports shooters or BIF shooters are not going to shoot more than say, 15 RAW at a burst, then at least a short break?

That may indicate where to look?

But surely may be exactly why there are not more reports i.e. type of use, of which the OP may be an exception?

Likely will not put off most buyers (would not put me off, as I don't shoot like that either and think it is a fantastic camera) but it should not happen, anyway.

I think both are fair points. However, I don't think you can go by reviews. I mean put it this way... as vocal as I've been about the issue, I've never left a negative review on the K3 on any retail site. I think if you had asked a good percentage of the people with the problem, it's highly probably they ran into the issue well after they had bought the camera.... and potentially well after they could have left a positive review somewhere.

If you asked me right now to objectively leave a review, it wouldn't be completely negative. That would be unfair. I'd probably give it 3 stars and mention the problem, but point out all the positives too.

Not to mention, in two weeks, we've accumulated more reports of this issue  than the total number of reviews on Amazon in six months. We've got 60 people reporting the issue as of right now. There's only 41 reviews on Amazon. Compare that to the Nikon D600 you mentioned... which has 415 reviews. Pentax is just not as popular a brand, which makes it much harder to know how widespread the issue really is.

Combine all of that with the fact that this problem is highly unpredictable (or so it seems). I could reproduce it regularly only because I was shooting time-lapse once or twice a week (at 5000-7000 shutter actuations per shoot). Law of averages dictates I would run into it more often than most shooters. However, the majority of people running into the crazy mirror lockup aren't shooting like that, just shooting normally... and those people seemed to run into it very randomly during normal single-shot shooting or continuous burst shooting. They may own the camera for 3 months before it happens the first time, or 5 months, or maybe it'll be 3 months from now. There's no rhyme or reason (or at least one we can track down at this point). This makes it even harder to determine how wide-spread it really is.

We've also got multiple reports  of people having the issue with more than one K3 body. I had it with two, and there are at least two other people who had it occur with two and three bodies. That strikes me as statistically relevant. If this issue wasn't that widespread, it would be highly improbable to have one user run into it after exchanging the camera at least once, let along more than one person having that same experience.

All of this isn't to say I don't discount the possibility that it only effects a certain percentage of K3s, not necessarily all of them. But it is wide-spread enough for Pentax to investigate and try to fix. At this point, it's wide-spread enough for me that I won't rely on the camera professionally, nor could I recommend it to another professional photographer.


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