Who is the fastest?

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Re: Who is the fastest?

C Sean wrote:

Heyseuss Hoolio wrote:

s_grins wrote:

Look at upcoming GH-4K. This camera works with the speed of a machine-gun

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Camera in bag tends to stay in bag...

How about some more real reviews that focus on photography instead of video. Right now, I see no significant upgrade for photography than any of the other m43 competition.


* Very fast auto focus.

* 12 shots continous and we are talking about the highest quality pictures high.

* On par with a sport/wildlife camera.

* I wish I didn't watch the video because I want one just for stills.

I've seen that video when it came out and was interested because The Camera Store always does photo reviews, but not this one.  That's one of the ones I was thinking about that could've had more photography based stuff.  He briefly demonstrates the 12fps and autofocus.  No in depth photo examples, no buffer limit explained, no auto focus tracking examples for the depth from focus stuff.  Nothing he did with photography really showed a review/demonstration, it went straight to the video demonstration.  All the reviews focus on the video capabilities, which are great, but what about photography, besides the specs listed I have seen no reviews that really show a good stills demonstration, yet.  I am curious about this.

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