Capture One cataloging questions.

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Capture One cataloging questions.

I downloaded C)7 for its tethering abilities but quite like the PP interface for certain tasks. Cataloging also has its attractions, particularly a my current cataloging is catastrophic (Bridge, dump, then try to find...).

Time to change.

That said, I don't want to start cataloging before I'm quite clear on what CO7 does and what it can't do just to avoid having to re-do it.


1. If I catalog images and then want to change can I then just dump the catalog and start from scratch?
2. If yes, how?
3. I work in CO, CS5 and Nik. If I make edits to files do I then hav two files, do I lose one copy or something else? I was planning on keeping images and edits and the catalog in one place but I want to be sure that if I edit a file in CS5 I get it saved to the catalog.
4. If it does save it to the catalog do I then have to open it up in CO7 in order to label it? I was planning on esentially having 2-3 quick labels to search against, eg green star for photo club entries, 1 star for family shots to upload but then I also need a way of differentiating between those that are just shot and those that have been processed. Remember, I won't always process in CO7. Thoughts, recommendations?
5. I process off a laptop (with a Cintiq Touch attached) so every now and again I take the photos off my laptop and archive in a NAS, how do I then change the catalog? Many folders will be off the laptop.

Sorry if these questions are rambling a bit, I'm trying to get my head around a new way of doing things as well as yt another new software.

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