Fuji ISO Cheat?

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Re: Fuji ISO Cheat?

Pritzl wrote:

Stephen Wood wrote:

To compare properly, the same lens should be used and a gray scale photographed, if I have time at the weekend I might try this with my XE2 & Pentax K3 and Pentax 50mm A series, as I have an adaptor to the Fuji.

Everyone is assuming their lenses and shutter speeds are accurate, whereas the f stop is theoretical and the true light transmission is measured in T stops, I work in the motion picture industry, and for example the Zeiss Super Speed range are all f1.2, but the T stop is 1.3 small difference, but the lenses start around £5000 each. I sold Fuji cameras in the 1970's and their f1.9 lens transmitted similar light levels to other people's f1.8 lenses.

My point is, there are other factors at play, accuracy of shutter speed should be accurate now we don't use springs to time them, but....

Interesting. So are you suggesting that perhaps the Fuji lenses are to blame? Could it be their pixie-dust coatings are stealing more light than other manufacturers' offerings? I'd be interested in your results if you get around to it.

I guess an alternative would be to shoot without a lens since all we're judging is exposure.

I doubt it is possible that every single Fuji lens in the whole lineup would account for the same amount of light loss.  That's too much to consider.

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