Need help for shutter speed & aperture

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Re: Need help for shutter speed & aperture

Abby729 wrote:

all_digital wrote:

If your subject is moving then a faster shutters speed is needed to stop motion. If the subject is not moving then you could use a slower shutter speed and if you have image stabilization you may be able to shoot as low as 1/25 sec.

If you are shooting in low light then the solution is either a tripod for long exposures of still subjects or use of flash,

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No, I am using nikon d5100 so don't have image stabilizer. What optimisation can I do if I'm shooting indoor and I would like to use smaller aperture for example f ~8 without have to increase ISO more than 800?

If shooting still subjects indoors (by the available light), use a tripod. If the subjects are moving around, try to rest you elbows on a table, or tilt the LCD out and hold the camera at waist level with elbows to your sides -- anything you can do to reduce camera movement. Squeeze the shutter release gently, don't push or stab at it.

If all else fails, buy a tungsten halogen site light.

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