D700 selector button not working - suggestions?

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Re: D700 selector button not working - suggestions?

jkjond wrote:

Has anyone any experience of the thumb selector arrows not working?

The move left function on mine has suddenly stopped (maybe one raindrop too many). I first noticed when in the menu system and couldn't click onto the left hand icons in the list to change screens, though found that clicking the menu button does that, so not a problem.

When shooting I can't move the focus select to the left (not a biggie) or check focus on layback on anything to the left - that was frustrating.

It is doing to have to go in to nikon UK or similar, well out of warranty. Has anyone any suggestions before I send it off - first time I've had to do this.

Or could there be a dead ant in the works that I could clear myself - I don't want to even consider this if there's a reasonable risk I'll cure that but make something else worse!

Send it to Nikon, they will fix it for you. Unless of course if you want to use this as an excuse for a new camera...

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