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Re: Question for Lightroom & Mavericks users...

Godfrey wrote:

turnstyle wrote:

Hi all, if you're running Lightroom (current 5) on a Macbook with an SD card slot, and the Mac is running Mavericks...

If you insert the SD card from your Sony into the Mac, does Lightroom open, and then open to the Import dialog?

I can get Lightroom to open, but I can't seem to get it to automatically open the Import dialog (and I do have that checked in the Lightroom prefs).

Thanks in advance...

Far as I can tell, there is no function in Mavericks that will allow you to set the Finder to start Lightroom when it mounts an SD card volume containing a DCIM directory structure. How are you getting Lightroom to open?

However, if Lightroom is running, in Preferences on the General tab there is "Show import dialog when a memory card is detected." Check that option and, if LR is running, it will automatically open the import dialog when you plug in an SD card containing photographs from your camera.

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You actually can. If you open Image Capture, down at the bottom-left you can set an application to open when a card is inserted.

So, that's how I get Lightroom to open -- but it doesn't then open the Import dialog.

Anybody able to reproduce? (Or get it to work?)

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