Who is the fastest?

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Who is the fastest?

Hi all,

here is my situation; i have a son who does athletics, runnig.

As proud dad, i want to take pics during those runs.

I need a camera which has a very short shot-to-shot time.

I have a Ricoh CX6, with a fps of 5, nice, but htis is not what i want.

I also have a DSLR, does exactly what i want in speed; i frame on runner 1, press shutter release, reframe a bit to runner 2 in line , shutter release, reframe a bit to runner 3 in line, shutter release.

With a fast fps camera, i don't get what i want, , the reason is i remove my camera during pressing the continuous shots, gives me blurry pics, out of focus, runner only half on the pic etc.

With a DSLr i can press the shutter as fast as my finger can move,three, four, five times in a row. In shops i have tried this with several cameras, oly pens where the best doing so. I must admit i never tried a Pana.

I am now trying to decide into which system i will step, might be Nikon 1, might be M43.

If i had the money to spent, my choise would have been an oly OM-D, if this camera can do this.

But, since it will be my 3th camera, i think i can settle for an E-PL3 or 5.

The DSLR is simply too bulky, too vulnarable when walking in rain in the wood (yes, the runs in winter are partially in woodlands), hence i find myself never using a DSLR.

I see more and more of fellow-victim-fathers stepping into mirrorless, like Samsung NX and sony nex.

Not really in favor of those brands, cannot tell why, the UI mostly.

So, any M43 use rout there who can give me some inputs ?

Thanks bart

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