Fuji ISO Cheat?

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Re: Fuji ISO Cheat?

xeriwthe wrote:

then with the introduction of x-trans (i.e. xpro-1), this 'ISO' cheat popped up. The Nikon coolpix A seems to be following similar suit, Oly is supposedly a little bit guilty of it.

Just tried it - I have an XT1, a Coolpix A, and an EM1 right here. I just shot the identical low-light scene with all three cameras with a 28mm equivalent lens (18 on the Fuji and Nikon, 14 on the EM1) at f2.8 and ISO 3200. The Nikon A and EM1 all exposed the shot at 1/30, the XT1 at 1/17. Not quite a full stop, but close. I hadn't heard that the Nikon A did it, but had heard similar about Olympus, but I'd never found it when comparing Olympus to several other cameras. Nonetheless, in my very quick back of the envelope comparison, if the Olympus and Nikon do it, they do it the same amount, and Fuji does it roughly (but not quite) twice as much.

This is not a NEW trick. I had a Ricoh GRD3. When the GRD4 came out, all of the Ricohphiles were gushing all over themselves about how the low light sensitivity in the "new" sensor (which was, of course, the "same" sensor) was so much better than the previous model, about a full stop. I got hold of a GRD4 because if this was true, I wanted in on that action. But I was noticing I was getting very similar real world low light results. So I did the same test using the two cameras. Sure enough, the ISO had been mysteriously re-labelled on the GRD4 such that at any given ISO, the results were better but it required twice the exposure time as with the GRD3. IE, no improvement. I returned the GRD4.

In the case of Fuji, there are enough other things I like about the system to base my gear around it anyway, and at this point I don't think about it too much since I'm happy with the bottom line. But I don't find the real world performance in low light any better than the Nikon A (or more than slightly better than the EM1), except for the fact that at the same focal length the Fuji 18mm lens is one stop faster, so that pretty much equalizes things unless I also need a lot of DOF, which I sometimes do...

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