Got 12-40/2,8, sold everything else (almost), some thoughts.

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Got 12-40/2,8, sold everything else (almost), some thoughts.

Well I finallly decided to get myself a 12-40/2,8. But I also decided to try financing it by selling as much as possible of other lenses. First: The 12-40 is a wonderful lens that really deserves a sensor with higher resolution than any OM-D provides. A 24 Mp sensor would be next step. Second: its is so good that I lost my lust to use lenses that can't reach similar performance. So it hasn't been too hard sacrificing some other lenses to finance it.

This is what I sold:

The 12-50 kit lens. i got it with the camera one and a half year ago. I had a love-hate relation to it.

What I did like: The versatile reach, fast and accurate focusing, weather-sealing, reasonably sharp from 12 to 30 mm, macro capability.

What i didn't like: Slow, "by wire" zoom, too soft from 35-50 mm.

The Sigma 19/2,8. No use for it anymore, the 12-40 is so much better at 19 mm than this lens

What I did like: Small, nice focal length, reasonably sharp (mot not much sharper than the 12-50 at 19)

What i didn't like: Slow for a prime lens, plastic feeling, slow start on the camera.

The 9-18. A very good lens. To sell this was the toughest decision. I used it a lot and preferred it before the 12-50 for most photographing, at least when it didn't rain. But the 12-40 is sharper so I realised that I wouldn't use the 9-18 as much further on. I will miss the 9-11 range. Maybe I get a Samyang 7,5 instead, and practice defishing, when I need a wide lens

What i did like: sharp, wide, small.

What I didn't like: The collapsible design, could have been even wider, could have been even sharper. But that's minor remarks.

The 45/1,8. Also a tough decision. A very nice lens. But it's close to the 12-40's upper limit 40 mm, and if I really need f/1,8 (which I doubt) i have an old F.Zuiko 38/1,8 with adapter.

What I did like: Sharp, fast, small, nice bokeh.

What I didn't like: Nothing.

I kept my 40-150 R to fill the range above 40 mm. And two legacy lenses, the 38/1,8 and a Tokina 80-200/4 (FD mount) which is not worth the trouble selling it although I never use it as the 40-150 is better.

Just my thoughts to motivate my decision to sell them. I really hope their buyers get good use from them.

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