The D610 fallacy

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The D610 fallacy

You know, every time I am willing to move on from this whole debate of the timeliness of the K-3 review, they pull me back in.

I was reading the comments over on the evolving K3 review (because I like to feel pain, I guess) when I caught a thread I myself had responded to. I then saw Barney then replied to it, bringing up the fact that DPR only recently finished the Nikon D610 review, so clearly this shows that Pentax has been held at the same level as Nikon, right?

You know, I don't want to get into why or what caused the K-3 to be reviewed now, instead of before. You know, its coming out, Richard Butler is being very thorough, and the only thing I think most people are unhappy about (besides those holding the timeliness into account) is they just don't like the DPR test set.

So we should be done with this, right? I wanted to be.....

But then I read that, and well instead of just letting it go, I am going to be that guy, and continue it on. So lets look at this, shall we?

1 - Nikon D610: announced Oct. 7, 2013 ; reviewed March 12, 2014

2 - Nikon D5300: announced Oct. 17, 2013; reviewed February 12, 2014

3 - Nikon Df: announced Nov. 5, 2013; reviewed December 20, 2014

4 - Pentax K-3: announced Oct. 7, 2013; reviewed (eta for completion, end of March 2014)

5 - Pentax K50: announced June 12, 2013; not yet reviewed (although in a consumer camera matchup brief in November 2013)

6 - Pentax Q7: announced June 12, 2013; reviewed August 8, 2013

If we were to look at the first four on this list, we see that in the time that the K-3 was announced to today, Nikon has released three cameras, and ALL three have been reviewed before the K-3's review has been finalized. And we all know why the D610 was the last of the nikon's to be reviewed - because it is such a modest update that most people realize that the two handle almost identical.

I fact, with the oil issues, it make more sense a review takes longer to see if there any issues.

Meanwhile, the K-50 has not even gotten review, despite being the oldest camera on here - This is not a big deal, however, as most have not complained about that. Quite frankly, people can read the K30 review, and the camera is really a modest update.

And, in the case of fairness, DPR was really fast on the Q7 review.

I just wanted to get this off my chest. For whatever reason, the review is happening when it is, but just don't try selling us on some idea that Nikon is getting the same treatment. If it were, a full review of the D610 would not be even done, just some addendum to the D600 review....

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