G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

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Re: G1 X Mark II: Not happy with handling

I just arrived in japan and after dropping our luggage at the hotel I went straight to BIC Camera to play with the G1Xmk2.

At home I had played around with the first g1x in a store and that was easy breezy coming from a 20D: put it on Av or M and use the control dial to select exposure.
On the mk2 this didn't work tried some settings in the store and am now back at the hotel. Just read the manual again an reread this post, but it seems like you can not make the control dial (the one on the back next to the display) to control anything?

Is it just used for browsing the menu?

I SO wanted to buy this camera, but these controls.... I don't know... Might hold out a bit and see what Sony (rx100 iii) and Nikon (p8000) come up with.

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