Fuji Full Frame - A wild thought, smart clever, or just plain stupid?

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Fuji Full Frame - A wild thought, smart clever, or just plain stupid?

Those who follow this forum regularly know that once in a while questions come up about a Fuji X-series full frame camera.

We also know that Fuji does not have a lens line up for a full frame camera yet.
Another fact is that the image circle would be too small to install a full frame sensor inside an fuji x-series camera.

Still there seems to be a high demand from many photographers for a full frame system camera from Fuji.

Just thinking how you could put a FF sensor inside a camera with a smaller image circle then full frame. There is a way to create a fuji x-series camera with a full frame sensor inside and without the need for new lenses. This could be achieved by placing the focal plane (sensor) further back into the camera.

This would make the camera somewhat thicker as the shutter box needs to deeper and wider.
But this would be the easiest way to install a ff sensor inside a x-series camera without the need for new lenses and therewith not destroying already made investments into this system.
The disadvantage of this technique would however be that you would keep the same field of view.
In short you would have a crop camera with a full frame sensor inside.
The advantage however would be that you could make the sensor pixels larger and therewith, could achieve better noise control and higher ISO's possible. In general that would give you a better image quality.

Are my thoughts far thought? Plain stupid, or just brilliant?
Would you buy such camera for the better image quality?
I am really curious about your ideas.

Focal plane / sensor size.

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