The lens I thought I never wanted ... 35/1.4 ...

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The lens I thought I never wanted ... 35/1.4 ...

... is now one of my favourites! What I think made a difference for me was the fact that the distortion, as in barrel distortion, is low and the minimum distance around 28cm ...

I alwaths thought that the 50mm range was the most boring of the lot, since it neither opened up space nore did it focus tighly enough for my taste. I am a 24 & 85 kind of shooter, if given the choice. BUT, I am thouroughly enjoying the 35/1.4 maybe it's the form factor, the rangefinder style that makes you look differently? Jury still out on that one, but quite amazing as to how my attitude has changed! Good news is that I am still able to learn *cough,cough...*

When I did the Takumar versus the 56/1.2 comparison I later shot this young girl. The last few shots taken with the 35/1.4 instead of the 56/1.2 I used for most of the shoot. I must have been only around 40 or so cm away from her, can't remember exactly.

ISO200 F 2.0 1/180, 2 manual flashes GN56 @ 1/64, some natural light, PocketWizards

Maybe a tad too much light on the right camera eye? Processed in Capture One, default settings, no gain, no extra sharpening, no curve or level adjustments, no layers, not highlight softening etc ...

Not a bad lens!


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