Here is a RAW file taken with DA 20-40mm Ltd for download.

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Re: Here is a RAW file taken with DA 20-40mm Ltd for download.

Confused of Malvern wrote:

I currently use the DA primes 15/21/40/70mm and recently had a few days in Amsterdam where I used the 21mm and 40mm most of the time. Image quality is great but changing lenses is a bit of a pain and I've now got so much dust on the sensor that I've had to take it in to be cleaned (OK, so I obviously need to improve my lens changing technique).

The IQ in the photo you posted is excellent but how do you find the 20-40mm generally in terms of IQ? Is it a good alternative to the 21mm and 40mm?

While I do not have the 21, I have the 15, FA 35, M 40, FA 43, and 70 - and the 20-40.  In my opinion, the DA 20-40 Ltd. is generally equivalent to all of these primes.  Sure they all have their own unique personality (particularly the FA 43), but so does the 20-40.  Technical specs for the 21, 40, and 20-40 (mostly edge sharpness at different apertures) are pretty equivalent, and the zoom is both more flexible (22-39) and WR.  A great kit is the 15, 20-40, and the 70, though when I do this, 80+% of my shots are with the 20-40.  Last trip (last week), I just took the K5IIs and the 20-40.

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