Who regrets going from 7D to 70D?

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Re: Who regrets going from 7D to 70D?

Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

elfroggio wrote:
No they are not. The layout is the same and the nomenclature/wording are the same but they are different beasts.

False, they are physically the same.

No they are not. You may say that the sensors are physically identical (I have no idea, but I would think that after 4 years they would have come to a better and cheaper design than 4 years ago). They use a completely different DSP aka the Digic 5+ on the 70D which is 17 times faster than the Digic 4 of 7D. And are you saying, they just ported one from the other without changing of any of the code after 4 years and didn't improve any of the AF code? It's extremely hard to believe.

The 70D was able to focus on the black point of between the 2 eyes. The 7D with the same lens could NOT do it.

Neither camera can focus on an area without contrast - so what you describe for the 70D is again physically impossible. It will have focused on a contrast edge that happened to be under the focusing point. Since on the 70D the focusing points are only approximately marked (the 70D

We made the dog (Snootsi) walk a few times through the alleyway (until I got fully soaked, but the camera/lens were almost completely dry).

  1. The 70D did get the focus right
  2. The 7D didn't

That's the only thing that counts

has a less precisely manufactured viewfinder assembly) you will have picked up one of he eyes - on the 7D with it's highly accurate focusing point markings you will have tried to focus on a contrast free area which can not work.

BTW for the people in North America (I don't know if they ship somewhere else in the world): check fotosharp http://fotosharp.com/pro_camera_rain_covers.html for their rain covers. The prices are 'cheap' compared to the other brands and it's a thousand times better than plastic bags. It folds very small, doesn't rip and I can operate it from the outside.

And I recommend the Original instead of the Pro, unless you need the tripod opening.

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