a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: PocketWizard III work perfectly with a99 and RX1

Brian_Smith wrote:

Clyde Thomas wrote:

...a pro would have the appropriate radio triggers.

If only that were possible with Sony MIS.

Actually, it's not only possible, it works great!

Sony a99 shot with Sony RX1 using PocketWizard III in Multi-Interface Shoe

Sony RX1 shot with Sony a99 using PocketWizard III in Multi-Interface Shoe

The Multi-Interface Shoe is compatible with industry standard triggers and flashes. PocketWizard III triggers work great in the Multi-Interface Shoe with a99 and RX (and with NEX-6). No problems at all.

this is great news!! are you use PW III on RX1/a99 with strobt lighting Quadra ranger Hybrid A-Head on this photo? how hypersync speed work with it? can it reach speed until 1/8000 in hypersync speed mode? really curious. please help! thank you

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