Who here shoots primarily with a 35mm prime on a full-frame body?

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Re: Who here shoots primarily with a 35mm prime on a full-frame body?

I used to shoot events with 24-70 on one and 70-200 f2.8 on the other body and always have a fast 35 1.4 in the bag in case I need one fast lens in low light situation, but starting from about 3 years ago I slowly reversed it and mainly use the 35 1.4 an have the 24-70 as back up lens just in case the 35 is "not enough", and I found I use the 24-70 less and less and now I don't even bother to carry it, but i can't do it without the 70-200 for event shooting as there is a lot of time I can't get close to the action fast enough and sometimes not even possible to get there like from one side of the stage to the other with hundreds of people around, so my new set up is 35 on one body and 70-200 on the other and actually replace my back up with a super wide as such 21 Zeiss for those time I want to do a super wide shot of the whole scene. it's been working fine with me, covered many recent events such as the Chinatown new year night parade, Local Jazz Festival, St. Patricks day parade... with the same set up, works fine for me.

And 35mm is also my all time favorite for "walk around". The focal length just works for me.

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