What to buy. Prime or zoom. So much to decide

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Re: What to buy. Prime or zoom. So much to decide

Chuck Behrmann wrote:

Hi All,

Recently bought a D7100 with kit lens (18-140).

I mostly like to shoot nature and BIF, etc. I know the Nikon 300 has had great reviews and add something like a 1.4, 1.7 or a 2.0 converter to it (nikon for sure).

Or possibly the 80-400.

There is of course the new Tamron 150-600 coming out soon with a Nikon mount.

I "think" I want to lean towards the Tamron to get the Telephoto range on 150-600 though I realize I am giving up on lower F stops, etc. Also don't want to spend crazy $$$ quite yet.

I could go to $2K or so, but really rather not unless it is truly needed. Been pickled now since the Tamron has come out. I know there are saying some issues on Certain Canon bodies but not on others.

Rather keep it in the $1K to $1.5K price range.

Sometimes I think a prime say 300 might be too much on some shooting.

So, (loaded question I know) is wait for the Tamron to be released or get a prime with converters or a nikon telephoto (with converters).

I have turned off VR on my BIF shooting. Not sure if/when I will turn it on (on any lens). Seems to me it has done nothing least in my shooting.

Also of course the D7100 can use non AF-S lenses (some of them)

I know this might belong in another forum as well, but I am more keying replies to people that own a D7100 vs another body.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and comments.


Well, you either can, or cannot spend the money.

If you could, between what you name, 80-400 is a winner methinks, especially with the current $400 rebate.

300/4 close second, because of the missing VR (in my opinion).

Either should work great, and which to chose is entirely up to you.

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