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Re: I thought Flickr had died years ago?

Marty4650 wrote:

antoineb wrote:

Now I read your post, and it surprises me that Flickr is still in existence! Apparently it still has a lot of users, even if it is roughly 4-5x smaller than FB and the users likely do much less on it. But where it hurts is when Flickr has about 8bn photos, compared to over 250bn ie over 31x more on FB.

Of those 250 billion photos posted on facebook, the overwhelming majority are photos of teenagers drinking and partying, or photos of what hipsters ate for lunch.

Sometimes quality can trump quantity.

Which is why I am so disappointed that Flickr is trying to be more "facebook-like."

Exactly, facebook photos have nothing to do with photography. Instagram on the other has a lot more.

The photos on facebook fall into following categories:

Look at my baby.

Look at my cat.

Look at my hobby.

Look at my food.

Look at my six pack.

Look how sexy my reflection in the mirror is.

Look at the latest mame...

I think this covers about 99% of the photos there.

Flickr is more about photography.

500px is about turning up the saturation slider to maximum...

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