Mike Hession reviews X-T1

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Re: Mike Hession reviews X-T1

Sorry to paraphrase, but:

If you like the XT-1, good.

If you don't, good.

Thank you.

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He's really to the point, isn't he?

Its another review, by someone that does not own the camera.

Do you complain when DPR does a review? They don't own the cameras either.

The gizmodo review was very non biased. I can see why it gets panned here.

So we have another review, one that shows that the reviewer prefers another camera and the X-T1 isn't his type of camera, so what, whats new. I could show 20 more reviews of reviewers, which I did earlier where they love the camera and where they also show its shortcomings as every camera has some, but they still like it. Again so what. The X-T1 isn't for everyone, if its not don't buy it , don't waste time on it and don't worry about those who actually like it and are using it, which there seems to be a lot of folks still waiting for it, everywhere I have checked there are still back orders and orders still coming in.The thing is , the ones who want it or have it, are right about it and the ones who don't have it and don't want it are also right about it. If you check a comment of one of his readers who has the camera, he disagrees with much of the reviewer says, is he wrong , no, but neither is the reviewer, different strokes for different folks. Mine has just come in and I am right about it, so what. WC

It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts !

I didn't read all of this. I'm not saying it's wrong but it sent me to sleep after the first sentence. Can we please have shorter to the point responses? Thanks.

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