Problems with a Tiffen 3.0 grad

Started Mar 27, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Problems with a Tiffen 3.0 grad

Thanks Bob,

ir did cross my mind as I've a friend whose just got an Xt1 and is worrying about the same thing, but I've not seen anything on the forums about an issue with the xe1, and mine is a late model so I'm sure any such teething problem would have been resolved by now.  I also tried it on my Nikon d800 and had the same issue.

it must be on the filter and at f4 the DOf is shallow enough not to see it whilst at f16 I'm guessing the DOF is great enough to focus on the filter as well as the subject so the flaw is visable.

i wonder if it's a bad batch for tiffen as surely it can't be a feature with 10 stop grads?

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