Fujifilm x10 Shallow DOF examples?

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Re: Fujifilm x10 Shallow DOF examples?

afterswish1 wrote:

A big thanks to everyone, the x10 certainly looks like a great camera in the right hands! I wasn't aware of the Pro Focus mode. I think that will be enough that my friend can experiment and decide if shallow depth-of-field shots are important or not.

Pro Focus mode is an enormous waste of time.  It makes a fake looking bokeh, with the edges of the subject almost always blurred.  Further, very often the camera will refuse to take the shot due to the algorithm failing to find the point to blur.

Despite Fujifilm's marketing, a camera like the X10 is just not made for general use bokeh.  If you can accept that, it is a decent camera.

Given their list of requirements, with this one slight compromise clearly explained I'm sure they will be very happy indeed with the x10.

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