Fuji ISO Cheat?

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Re: Fuji ISO Cheat?

olakiril2 wrote:

MikeNannie wrote:

I found this comment on the Sony Rumors website, but it's been insinuated various other places as well.

"At same marked ISO, and same aperture, fujifilm needs double the shutter time to achieve same brightness as nikon, that I call a cheat."

Not trying to start a war here, but I'm curious, as someone considering purchasing an X-T1 in the next couple of months, has anyone tested this claim?

Seems like a ridiculous statement to me, but I have no way to test it.



I tested it with my D800.

I shot a scene with the same shutter speed, aperture and ISO at 6400. I matched the histograms in lightroom and I found the same thing: X-T1 was one full stop dimmer.

This marketing trick plus the excessive NR has fooled many to believe that X sensors have extraordinary performance in low light.

X-T1 is still a great camera.

I've done similar comparisons shooting identical scenes with similar focal lengths and identical apertures and ISOs between the X-Pro and several other cameras. And the X-Pro consistently needed between 70-100% longer shutter speeds, so my findings are similar to DPR's. I haven't checked the XT1 - I just assume its similar.

This doesn't mean the Fuji's aren't fine low light cameras - they are. They're just not much, if any better than a number of other cameras that you might think they are based on a straight comparison of equal ISO settings. This is worth knowing before you buy one and get your hopes up unrealistically.

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